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Industrial Open Network Roadshow (ION)

Tokyo, Japan

The 6th ION, Industrial Open Networks Fair 2017, will be held by 11 open network related associations and 49 sponsor companies to promote “open networks”.

An open network allows data and information to be communicated easily, efficiently and stably between the various equipment and devices running at the factory.

In this event, organizations will promote open networks to show the benefits during seminars and demonstrations. A special speech will be given in Tokyo with the title “Information and Network in Semiconductor factories” by SEMI Japan.

40 seminars are planned, among them topics such as, IoT and IIoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, OPC UA and IO-Link.

The Sercos seminar "The multi-protocol functionality of Sercos that supports IoT in Motion Control: TSN and OPC-UA" will be held on site (further details will follow soon).

Sercos will present demonstrations related to the Sercos SoftMaster and OPC UA.

More information can be found under: http://www.open-networks.jp/