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Sercos International working groups

Sercos International e.V. has several expert committees (working groups) that deal with various tasks.

At present, these include the following working groups:


  • Marketing Working Group (headed by I. Arnold)
  • Technical Working Groups
    • TWG Drives (headed by R. Kynast)
    • TWG Encoder (headed by R. Kynast)
    • TWG Generic Device & Architecture (headed by A. Selig)
    • TWG Hardware (headed by S. Gaschler)
    • TWG I/O (headed by M. Jacob)
    • TWG IP Communication (headed by F. Ruhhammer)
    • TWG Safety (headed by O. Kunz)
    • TWG Sercos Communication (headed by R. Kynast)
    • TWG Sercos Configuration Interface (headed by D. Tsaava)
    • TWG Conformance (headed by J. Schlechtendahl)

The technical working groups are coordinated by a steering committee (headed by P. Lutz).