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Sercos SoftMaster Training in China

04/11/2018 to 04/13/2018

09:00 - 17:00 hrs
Training room 1, Building 1 #231, Jiaochangkou Street 1
Deshengmenwai, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100120, China

Invitation for Training on Sercos SoftMaster -- the open source, free, and high performance solution

Sercos® has been a world-leading communication protocol among controllers, drives and decentralized peripherals since the 80’s of last century. The unique features that distinguish Sercos from other protocols include:

  • a common infrastructure for multiple types of Ethernet protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, CIP Safety, OPC UA, etc.)
  • complete direct bi-directional cross-communication between any 2 slaves within 1 cycle regardless of the sequence of the devices
  • a common technology independent from specific manufacturers.

Of course, other performance data are also of the most excellent ones, for instance, high speed (cycle time down to 31.25μs), high precision (less than 100 ns synchronization), double ring redundant data transmission, SIL3 Safety, automatic recognition of topology, hot-plug, plug & play, etc.. 

With the SoftMaster on standard Ethernet card, we can achieve cycle times of just under 500 µs. TTS (Time Triggered Send) capable hardware such as, Intel I210 or TI Sitara PRU ICSS, cycle times of 125 µs can be achieved and the synchronization precision is the same as with Sercos hard masters, which is between 60 and 100 ns, depending on the PHY adopted. From this aspect, we are still somewhat limited by cycle time, but we have eliminated all the disadvantages, and can enjoy the advantages in terms of cost and use of cost-efficient standard hardware dominate.

Wide successful applications in such demanding fields as machine tools, packaging machines, printing machines, robots, wood-working machines, and plastic injection molding machines, for nearly 30 years, make Sercos a defacto standard for demanding applications which has extreme high requirements on both the dynamics and the precision. In recent years, Sercos has also been successfully applied in some new fields, e.g., electronic circuits on thin plastic films, machine vision, coating robots which requires explosion-proof safety. It means that Sercos has already become an open universal real-time bus that can be applied in various applications in automation fields, which gained world-wide approval.

On vast requests from the market, a deep training on Sercos SoftMaster will be held in China. Dr. Gunther May, R&D director of Bosch Rexroth and developer of the Sercos SoftMaster, will come to China to guide the engineers to implement SoftMaster on their own IPC. Mr. Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International, will guide the engineers with the necessary theories.  

Contents of the trainings: 

Part 1: Sercos theory (4 hours)

1. Introduction to Sercos(Sercos简介)

2. Sercos III application examples(Sercos 应用案例介绍)

3. Sercos & Industry 4.0(Sercos与工业4.0)

4. Real-time Ethernet comparison (实时以太网比较)

5. Sercos III communication - technical overview (1)(Sercos通信——技术总览(1))

a. Topology(拓扑结构)

b. Telegram structure(报文结构)

c. Cyclic/ non-cyclic communication(周期性/非周期性通信)

d. Initialization(初始化)

e. Direct cross-communication(直接交叉通信)

f. Redundancy/ hot-plugging(冗余/热插拔)

6. Sercos III communication – technical overview (2) (Sercos通信——技术总览(2))

a. Device model(设备模型)

b. Function-specific profiles(功能专用行规)

c. Energy profile(能源行规)

7. Sercos III communication – technical overview (3) (Sercos通信——技术总览(3))

a. S/IP(Sercos IP协议)

b. CIP Safety on Sercos(Sercos上的CIP安全协议)

8. Discussion / Q&A(讨论/问答)

Part 2: SoftMaster development - principles and practical exercises (2.5 days)

1. Introduction(简介)

a) Intended usage of SoftMaster(软主站目标应用场合)

b) Features, current status(特征、当前状态)

c) System requirements(系统要求)

2. SoftMaster architecture(软主站架构)

a) Features and module structure of the stack(协议栈特征及模块结构)

b) Software modules of the stack(协议栈软件模块)

. SICE – SoftMaster Core(SICE – 软主站内核)

. CSMD (CoSeMa) – Common Sercos Master Library(CSMD/CoSeMa – 公共Sercos主站库)

. SIII – SoftMaster stack(SIII – 软主站协议栈)

c) Optional features(可选特征)

3. Quick start(快速上手)

4. Integration of SoftMaster into applications(软主站集成到应用)

a) SIII user API(SIII 用户应用程序编程接口)

b) RTOS integration(实时操作系统集成)

c) Thread structure(线程结构)

d) Sercos configuration(Sercos 配置)

e) Parametrization(参数化)

f) Cyclic data handling(循环数据处理)

5. Troubleshooting(故障排除)

a) Error codes(故障代码)

b) Tools and methods(工具和方法)

c) Timing latency fighting(对抗定时延迟)

6. Usage of Rexroth slaves with the SoftMaster(用软主站连接力士乐从站)

7. Outlook(展望)

8. Appendix(附录)

a) Support/Contact(技术支持/联络人)

b) Links(链接)

c) Abreviations(缩写)

Training Experts: 

Part 1: 
Mr. Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International, and the head of the Steering Committee of the Technology Groups since 2001, before which, he had been the Research Scientist at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart/ Germany, from 1994 to 2001, and the Project Manager and Co-ordinator of the European research project OSACA (Open System Architecture for Controls within Automation Systems) from 1996 to 1998.

He has been a member of several international and national standardization committees, e.g. IEC SC65C (Digital Communication) and IEC SC22G (Adjustable speed electric drive systems incorporating semiconductor power converters), since 2004. He got a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart/ Germany in 1994.

Part 2: 
Dr. Gunther May, Director of Engineering within the business unit Automation and Electrification of Bosch Rexroth in Lohr, Germany. In his current position, he heads a department providing communication technologies for industrial products as well as developing firmware for industrial actuators such as electrical servo drives. Before that, he led a team where, among others, the Sercos SoftMaster and the Common Sercos Master (CoSeMa) library were developed. 

Prior to joining Bosch Rexroth, he was a researcher at the Institute for Communications Technologies of Brunswick Technical University, Germany. He holds PhD and Dipl.-Ing. degrees from the same university.

Training fees (including fees for trainings, materials, training certificate, and lunch):

19,800 CNY/trainee (up to 15 trainees at most); 

  • 20% discount for the earlier birds who pay the training fees before March 9th ,
  • 20% discount for the advanced members of Sercos Asia e.V., 
  • 50% discount for the full members of Sercos Asia e.V., 
  • 10% discount for the 2nd person from the same company,
  • 20% discount for the 3rd person from the same company
  • 30% discount for the 4th person from the same company,
  • 40% discount for the 5th person from the same company,
  • 50% discount for the 6th person from the same company

Contact info for the training affairs

If you have any questions or requests on the trainings, please phone to (86 10)82285783, 18513558495, 13681039588, and consult Astrid Wang.