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IndraSize – the user-friendly program for drive sizing – is the quickest way to find the optimum drive for your machine.

Categories: Software Components, Engineering/Training/Testing, Tools

Generation: III


Regardless of whether you want to tackle a simple or complex drive task – whatever the case, IndraSize will lead you confidently through just five steps to success. Let the menu take you through the individual program steps from selecting the mechanical system and associated motion profile right through to the point where you are presented with the optimum motor/drive combination together with a table or curve showing its performance data.

IndraSize is compatible with all standard drive mechanisms such as: ball screw, rack and pinion, belt and pulley, linear direct drive, rotary drive, roller, rotary knife, winder, roll feed. With IndraSize you can freely compile a full motion profile from individual sequences of movements. If applicable, you may use higher-order equations of motion as e.g. polynominals or sinoids. Alternatively, import preassembled cams generated with the CamBuilder. Moreover, IndraSize allows you to define typical applications very simply by inputting parameters. Applications can be configured in next to no time, such as: roll feeds, flying cutoff, winders, cross cutters.

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