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Sercos Monitor – analysis of Sercos networks

Categories: Control Systems, Hardware Components, Engineering/Training/Testing, Tools

Generation: III

Sercos Monitor – analysis of Sercos networks

Product features:

  • Freeware for Windows-Environments
  • Real-time analysis of Sercos networks
  • Analysis of network data recordings in Pcap file format
  • Flexible and individually adjustable GUI
  • Manufacturer-specific extensions for own communication protocols 

The Sercos Monitor is an extensive and flexible Windows based tool for the analysis of Sercos III networks. 

It comes with easy-to-use features, providing a quick overview of typical Sercos characteristics, such as topology, communication phases and service channel transactions. Furthermore, the Sercos Monitor supports experienced Sercos users to perform profound analysis tasks. For this purpose, it provides various views and filtering mechanisms, which allow a comprehensive evaluation of Sercos telegram contents. In addition, the functionality of the Sercos Monitor may be extended by customers via user-specific plugins.

This tool can be downloaded free of charge.

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