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    Ensuring conformance is an essential criteria when using open standards


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Current Application

Certification of hardware and software

Ensurance of conformity of products by various manufacturers as well as ensurance of interoperability of components by various manufacturers are essential criteria for usage of open standards.

Test labs authorized by Sercos International perform testing to verify that both controls and peripheral devices comply with the standards of Sercos interfaces. To this end, the devices are tested on the basis of a defined and specified test scope. The tests include communications protocol, generic device profile, and an additional function-specific profile (FSP) depending on the device type.

On the basis of certification regulations and the articles on association marks, Sercos International issues certificates substantiating conformity of a device. In order to provide support to companies during implementation, Sercos provides a helpful tool, the Sercos Conformizer. With this PC-based tool, it is possible to subject a device to a pre-test prior to the certification procedure. 

Sercos is an open communication interface that is integrated in devices by various manufacturers. If all manufacturers comply with the specifications, it is possible to have all devices run compatibly with one another in the system, directly and without problems. In our test lab we carry out conformity tests for all Sercos devices on behalf of Sercos International. Thus, users can rely on the compatibility of certified Sercos devices.

Armin Lechler
ISW, University of Stuttgart/Head of Control Engineering department

Obtaining a Sercos conformance certificate

Certification of a Sercos device includes the following steps:

1. The device manufacturer develops a Sercos device and makes an application for a vendor ID to Sercos International. Vendor ID

2. The device manufacturer registers with an authorized Sercos test lab for a certification test, providing a completed application for testing. Application for test

3. Subsequent to the test, the test laboratory issues the test report to the device manufacturer and Sercos International.

4. With a positive test report, the device manufacturer applies to Sercos International for the Sercos conformance certificate. Application for certificate

More information re certification can be found in this brochure.

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