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Current Application

Automata SMC4 RT-Ethernet Stepper Motor Controller with Sercos

Automata Real-time Ethernet stepper motor amplifier for additive manufacturing

The SMC4 stepper motor controller with RT Ethernet interface is particularly suitable as an alternative to expensive servo drives in robotics applications or 3D printers

The stepper motor amplifier with SercosĀ® or EtherCATĀ® interface supports the standardized drive profiles of both protocols. All functions required for operation on CNC or robot controls are fully implemented. These include cyclic speed or position specification, positioning functions and various homing modes. The use in demanding motion applications with interpolating axes (e.g., 3-axis and 5-axis machining processes) is possible without any problems.

Onboard I/Os and stepper motor power stage

The onboard I/Os (4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs) allow the implementation of a complete positioning axis with enable and status signals, limit switch and reference switch inputs as well as inputs for safely switching off the output stage. The stepper motor interface is for 2 phases Stepper motors with up to 256 microsteps at 10A phase current (12A peak) and 48 VDC supply voltage.

Encoder interface

Expansion modules with interfaces for incremental or absolute encoders are available for complex position control tasks.

Optional second stepper motor power stage

For multi-axis applications, the SMC4 stepper motor amplifier can be expanded to include a second power stage with identical performance data. This option enables two axes to be operated via one communication interface, thus saving costs.

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