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Free webinars

Sercos International will offer four free webinars in the first quarter of 2016.

Some webinars are Sercos® related, others offer insights into redundancy concepts and vision systems and will be held in co-operation with other companies. 

”Robust communication – Redundancy concepts for industrial communication networks and plants” is the webinar topic for February 3 and will be presented by Stephan Kehrer, Engineer Future Technology, Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH. Robust communication is an essential part of industrial plants and critical infrastructure installations. It can be expected that the requirements regarding the reliability of industrial communication networks will continue to grow, due to the increasing degree of networked devices in plants and machines. This trend will be amplified by the emerging concepts of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory.

Kehrer offers a brief introduction to different concepts that can provide fault-tolerance for Ethernet communication networks; for example, through the introduction of redundant media connections or redundant networks. 

Carsten Strampe (Manager) and Oliver Barz (Sales, both Imago Technologies GmbH) will present a new modular concept of a vision system including a Sercos interface in the webinar ”Sercos-based modular compact vision system” on February 17.

The core of the system is the compact vision computer called VisionBox. All relevant components like cameras, illumination units, Sercos bus, and I/O are connected with the VisionBox.

During the webinar, Strampe and Barz will explain what needs to be considered when thinking of a vision system. They will also point out the innovations of this new approach.

Two rather technical-oriented webinars will complement the offer for the first quarter. 

Rigobert Kynast, technical leader Sercos III Communication at Bosch Rexroth, will talk about “Multiplexing of application data” on January 21. 

He will explain how application data must be configured to multiplex it during operation in a Sercos network and point out the functions that must be considered in doing so. 

The second webinar takes place on March 9 and is focused on “Configuration and use of real-time control bits.” You'll learn during this webinar how a user can configure and use the real-time bits in a Sercos network. Furthermore, Kynast will explain  the purpose of real-time bits and their applications, what options are available and how can they be selected by the user. 

All webinars will last for approximately 30 minutes and offer the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. 

German-language webinars will start at 10 hrs, the English webinars at 16 hrs CET. Registration can be carried out via our website.

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