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Current Application

Sercos International to present multi-vendor solution at the SPC IPC Drives 2013 in Nuremberg

The perfect alignment of track transport and processing units has the highest priority in roll-to-roll processes. Compact, control-based Motion Logic Control (IndraMotion MLC) from Rexroth which uses the Sercos automation bus provides the high level of performance required for the control system. Integrated technology such as the tension controller and winder functions reduce engineering costs by up to 40 percent.  In addition, motion functions that are time critical and require precise calculation can be stored in the drive system thus making the installation process flexible and cost-effective.

The AS-i 3.0 Sercos gateway (BWU2588) with an integrated safety monitor from Bihl+Wiedemann monitors safety technology in the system - such as the emergency stop button - using As-i Safety at Work and provides the superior control system with relevant status data via Sercos, which is then able to react accordingly should an error occur. 

netSWITCH for Sercos III from Hilscher allows any Ethernet telegrams from outside of the Sercos ring - in the so-called UC channel (Unified Communication Channel) - to be channeled parallel to Sercos real-time telegrams by using a time slotprocess. These telegrams are connected to or disconnected from the Sercos network in sync with one another, and when there is an increase in data volume they are temporarily saved in a buffer to ensure they are transmitted in real-time free of interference. In this way, netSWITCH makes it possible to couple standard Ethernet devices, such as a PC for servicing purposes, to the Sercos network and allows these devices to communicate bi-directionally with any number of Sercos participants via their IP channel.

The intelligent camera, pictor®, from Vision & Control GmbH uses a Sercos interface to transfer good or bad analyses of the printed circuit board. By comparing models, the printed trace is controlled and is inspected at the same time to ensure it is in the correct position. In addition, register control is possible using pictor®. Integrating the intelligent camera directly into the Sercos network is a considerable advantage. Clear, ordered communication via the bus as well as in the data structure and timings makes networking easier for the user. Central triggering via the control system allows individual participants to be more in sync and saves procuring additional hardware such as position transducers or encoders for track positions. Servicing and diagnoses can be carried out via the camera’s integrated web interface.

As part of the ‘Sercos in der Praxis [Sercos in practice]’ forum, this topic will be discussed every hour on the hour between 10 am and 12 noon and between 2 pm and 4 pm in German.

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