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Sercos launches Chinese website

Sercos International has launched its Chinese website at www.sercos.cn, offering great depth of information on the Sercos automation bus for the Chinese community.

The Technology section offers detailed information related to the automation bus, its functioning, and its design principles. The advantages of real-time Ethernet are also presented, as well as implementation and certification of the automation bus. There is extensive information on older Sercos® generations such as I and II, the migration to Sercos III, the Sercos roadmap and Sercos in connection with other technologies such as TSN.

Detailed information on certification, the certification process, vendor codes and certified products can be found under the Certification menu. 

A product filter allows a fast and easy product search by vendor, product category, master, slave, safety, certification or Sercos generation, to help users find the right solution for any application.

Application reports describe the challenges companies were confronted with prior to using Sercos-capable products and describe how the solutions were implemented and the benefits they brought to the companies.  

The Organization section was redesigned to provide more information on Sercos membership and its benefits.  The Download section provides an extensive list of tools, forms, brochures and webinar recordings that are available for free download.  

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