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Up-dated Sercos Product Guide now available

Sercos International announced that the up-dated English edition of its Product Guide is now available.

The guide lists on approximately 90 pages around 130 providers of nearly 300 Sercos-enabled products and serves as a guide for all mechanical engineers, systems integrators and control unit manufacturers who use the high-performance Sercos automation bus or intend to do so.

The providers cover a wide range of products and services: drives, decentralized I/O peripherals, frequency converters, various sensors and a large selection of control systems. Anyone interested can find the right solution for almost every automation application. 

In addition to specialized device manufacturers, numerous complete solution providers for different industries such as robotics, machine tools, packaging and printing machines as well as general automation are listed. Distribution of the products across major automation categories is evidence that the Sercos automation bus has an impressive universal application.

The guide can be downloaded or can be ordered in printed format by e-mail.

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