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b maXX 4000

Categories: Drives/Frequency Converter

Generation: I/II

b maXX 4000

Product features:

  • For both simple and complex automation solutions
  • Future-proof
  • Flexible, open, scaleable
  • Simple adaptation to modified production processes

Baumüller's proven drive concept b maXX 4000 is the basis for both simple and complex automation solutions.

It fulfills all requirements regarding the ability to cope with future needs, flexible expansion capacity and simple adaptation to modified production processes.
The series of converters and controllers b maXX 4000 is modular, scalable and open and thus can adapt flexibly to various requirements.

The b maXX 4000 is available individually preconfigured in the version b maXX 4000ES or as b maXX 4400 with 11 plug-in modules for different control functions and additional fieldbus interfaces, to adapt to the respective application. The b maXX 4000 suits simple as well as complex applications. Engineering work is reduced to a minimum. The stocking and storage of replacement parts is optimized due to the pluggable modularity. As b maXX 4100 it is also available as rectifier and regenerative feedback units.

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