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cifX - PC card as Sercos Interface

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Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III

cifX - PC card as Sercos Interface

Product features:

  • All major industrial protocols
  • All common PC card formats
  • One hardware for all real-time Ethernet protocols
  • Master and slave
  • Wide range of device drivers
  • Same application interface for all networks

PC cards in all formats (PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI, Low Profile PCI Express, Mini PCI Express, Mini PCI, PC/104, PC/104+, PCMCIA, PMC, PCI 104) for all protocols.

The cifX PC card family offers the user a unified standard supporting all real-time Ethernet and fieldbus systems for PC-based automation.

The entire protocol stack is processed on the PC card. The process data exchange with the host is executed via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA (Direct Memory Access).

Thanks to the uniform Hilscher platform strategy, all PC cards use the same drivers and tools, irrespective of protocol and card format. 

Communication protocols can be changed easily by loading the appropriate firmware. A rotary switch allows a simple and reliable slot assignment of the PCI and PCI Express card types. Moreover, special types are available, e.g. with integrated NVRAM, 2-channel cards or detached network interface.

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