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CIP Safety Originator/ Target Software

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  • Safety

Categories: Software Components

Generation: III

CIP Safety Originator/ Target Software

Product features:

  • All components are made available as ANSI-C code
  • Operating system independent - runs with and without an operating system 
  • Supports CIP Safety on Sercos and EtherNet/IP
  • Designed according to IEC 61508 for applications up to SIL-3
  • Interfaces enable porting to different hardware and software platforms
  • Simplified integration and re-certification on any target systems via included unit test suites and Safety Manual

The IXXAT CIP Safety Software from HMS can be used for implementing CIP Safety Targets (slaves) and CIP Safety originator (master) devices based on EtherNet/IP or Sercos. When using Sercos all necessary adaptation modules for the connection to the Sercos stack or the Sercos IP are available. Getting started with the CIP Safety technology is simplified by the included PC demo, showing the capabilities and operation of a target and originator device.

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