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Communication module for Sercos III

  • Slave

Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III

Communication module for Sercos III

Product features:

  • Complete Sercos III Slave
  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet (Full Duplex) with integrated 2 port switch
  • Webserver, FTP server, email client, TCP/IP socket interface 
  • GDP Basic, SCP_FixCFG and SCP_NRT
  • Max. 256 Byte I/O data in each direction

The Anybus CompactCom for Sercos III is a complete communication module which enables your products to communicate on a Sercos III Ethernet network. The module contains the complete functionality of industrial network slave/adapter interfaces and integrate through a standardized and network independent parallel or serial application interface towards the host automation device.

The module contains the complete Sercos III software protocol stack and works as a slave on the network. The functionality of the interface is according the Sercos FSP IO Profile. The integrated microprocessor handles the Sercos III protocol and offloads the host processor from all communication tasks. Typical applications are intelligent automation devices without synchronization demands.

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