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DIN rail splicebox for optical fiber Sercos cabling

Categories: Infrastructure Components, Hardware Components

Generation: III

DIN rail splicebox for optical fiber Sercos cabling

Product features:

  • Via the DIN rail splicebox the fiber optic system is  mechanically separated, as the fiber optic cable is not taken directly to the active fiber optic system
  • The separation of different types of cables, for example, indoor and outdoor cables, and fiber optic connection systems provides a structured and clear wiring
  • The mounting on the 35mm DIN rail provides a space saving fiber optic connection
  • Laying inflexible fiber optic cables in narrow and crowded cable channels is avoided. The system is modular and allows customized configurations. Connector types: SC, LC, ST - in multimode and singlemode.


    • Front panel for 6 or 12 x SC duplex, LC quad, ST/ST duplex
    • Pre-assembled:
      • Color: RAL 5002 equipped with:
        • Splice tray for crimping and/or heatshrink
        • Front panel for 6 or 12 SC-Duplex adaptors
        • Clip for DIN rail mounting
        • Adaptors, blanking plugs are possible
        • Pigtails in OS2, OM1,OM2,OM3 and OM4
        • Splice protection for crimp and/or heatshrink
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