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Gal Multi-channel Sercos Encoder Emulator

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Categories: Infrastructure Components

Generation: III

Gal Multi-channel Sercos Encoder Emulator

Product Features:

  • Sercos to quadrature encoder signal emulator
  • A, B and Index differential outputs
  • Optional Pulse & Direction and Enable outputs for control of low cost servo drives 
  • Position data: linear in mm or rotational in degree
  • Configurable per channel CPR (counts per revolution), Index offset, Index width, number of Indexes per revolution
  • Proprietary Integral linear interpolation for smooth pulse rate
  • Maximum pulse rate – 5MHz
  • Update every Sercos cycle
  • One open collector input with internal pull-up
  • 2, 4 or 8 encoder output channel configurations
  • Single 18 – 28V DC input supply
  • Galvanic isolation and optional 5V supply for each encoder interface to meet load voltage potential
  • D-Type 9-pin connector for each channel
  • Small form factor – 210 X 110 X 45mm DIN-Rail mounted

The Encoder Emulator is a multi-channel Sercos to Quadrature Encoder output generator. The Encoder Emulator receives a digital position command from the Sercos network and generates A, B & I pulse train accordingly. The Encoder Emulator incorporates a proprietary Integral linear interpolation for achieving a smooth pulse rate. Maximum update rate 250 µSec, maximum output pulse frequency 5 MHz. Typical uses: triggering an ink-jet printing head or an ultrasonic module according to 3D trajectory data or generate command to pulse & direction low cost servo drives used as service axes in a machine. The Multi-Channel Encoder Emulator is connected to the Sercos system as a slave. The real-time channel is used for cyclic data and the service channel is used for configuration.

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