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Kinetix® 2000 low power servo drive

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Categories: Drives/Frequency Converter

Generation: I/II

Kinetix® 2000 low power servo drive

Product features:

  • Continuous output power of 0.3…3.0 kW
  • Input volts: 230V AC, single-phase and three-phase
  • Greater flexibility in your machine design through compact size
  • Advanced control capabilities for greater precision and throughput
  • Reduces the total number of connections through simplified wiring and modular design
  • Smart Motor Technology provides automatic identification of correct motor-to-drive connectivity, to help reduce commissioning time
  • Integrates easily into the Logix platform for multi-axis integrated motion
  • Single easy-to-use Power Rail replaces power, wiring, logic control wiring and other complex cables for easy installation

Extend the benefits of Kinetix integrated motion to low-power motion control applications with the Kinetix 2000 servo drive.

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