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Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III


Product features:

  • Optimized to deliver high performance features
  • Enhanced DSP architecture, high speed SERDES and high speed source synchronous interfaces
  • Suitable for high-volume, high-speed, low-cost applications

The LatticeECP3™ family of FPGA devices is optimized to deliver high performance features such as an enhanced DSP architecture, high speed SERDES and high speed source synchronous interfaces in an economical FPGA fabric. This combination is achieved through advances in device architecture and the use of 65 nm technology making the devices suitable for high-volume, high-speed, low-cost applications. 

The LatticeECP3 device family expands look-up-table (LUT) capacity to 149K logic elements and supports up to 586 user I/Os. The LatticeECP3 device family also offers up to 320 18 x 18 multipliers and a wide range of parallel I/O standards. The LatticeECP3 FPGA fabric is optimized with high performance and low cost in mind. The LatticeECP3 devices utilize reconfigurable SRAM logic technology and provide popular building blocks such as LUT-based logic, distributed and embedded memory, Phase Locked Loops (PLLs), Delay Locked Loops (DLLs), pre-engineered source synchronous I/O support, enhanced sysDSP slices and advanced configuration support, including encryption and dual-boot capabilities. 

The pre-engineered source synchronous logic implemented in the LatticeECP3 device family supports a broad range of interface standards, including DDR3, XGMII and 7:1 LVDS. The LatticeECP3 device family also features high speed SERDES with dedicated PCS functions. High jitter tolerance and low transmit jitter allow the SERDES plus PCS blocks to be configured to support an array of popular data protocols including PCI Express, SMPTE, Ethernet (XAUI, GbE, and SGMII) and CPRI. 

Transmit Pre-empha-sis and Receive Equalization settings make the SERDES suitable for transmission and reception over various forms of media. The LatticeECP3 devices also provide flexible, reliable and secure configuration options, such as dual-boot capa-bility, bit-stream encryption, and TransFR field upgrade features. 

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