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Categories: Engineering/Training/Testing

Generation: III


Product features:

  • Passive recording with zero-delay < 1 ns
  • Capture up to 4 Ethernet ports and 4 digital switching events
  • ± 5 ns measurement accuracy, 1 ns resolution
  • Detailed error information for each telegram

The netANALYZER is a low‐level analysis‐tool for real‐time Ethernet networks

Integrated Ethernet Test‐Access‐Points (TAPs), ensure that the network is not influenced by the netANALYZER during the measurement process.

The measuring accuracy of 5 ns meets the high requirements of Sercos.

In addition, up to four digital signals can be recorded in parallel with the same time resolution. Using the supplied software, the recording process can be controlled easily. The most important analysis functions such as timing and network load analysis are already integrated in the software.

Using the free WinPcap driver extension the netANALYZER can be used directly within the Sercos Monitor software.

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