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netIC – Sercos as compact DIL‐32 module

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Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III

netIC – Sercos as compact DIL‐32 module

Product features:

  • Compact real-time Ethernet slave module based on netX 52
  • Modbus RTU protocol via SPI or UART to the host
  • Significantly reduced height
  • Increased performance for high network load
  • Pin and function compatible to NIC 50-RE

Slave solution for field devices with a low data throughput.

Simple field devices such as barcode readers, identification systems, valve manifolds or I/O blocks require a connection to fieldbus or real-time Ethernet systems.

Since these devices only have a low data throughput, the netIC uses a serial connection such as UART and SPI as host interface.

The netIC is a complete "Single Chip Module" in the compact dimensions of a Dual-In-Line (DIL) 32 pin plug-in module. It is based on the network controller netX and contains all components of a fieldbus or real-time Ethernet interface with an integrated 2-port switch and hub. With the netX technology the whole spectrum of relevant fieldbus and real-time Ethernet systems is covered.

By exchanging the firmware, one single netIC can be used for multiple communication systems. The user data is transferred with simple read-write commands to the application via the above mentioned serial interfaces. The well-known Modbus RTU protocol is used as a serial protocol. Conventional shifting registers can be controlled via a synchronous serial interface requiring no additional processor for a simple I/O-device.

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