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netRAPID – Instant solution for Sercos

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Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III

netRAPID – Instant solution for Sercos

Product features:

  • Rapid alternative to an own development
  • Complete slave interface with smallest footprint
  • Prototyping or SMD series production
  • One hardware for all real-time Ethernet systems
  • Host connection via Dual-Port Memory or SPI
  • Combines advantages of an ASIC with the benefits of a module

netRAPID is a complete netX controller based Sercos interface in the size of a stamp. It carries all essential electronic parts necessary for doing real‐time Ethernet communications and just needs to be expanded by the network connectors and LEDs.

Data exchange to the host is carried out via 16 kByte Dual‐Port Memory or 50 MHz SPI. 

As netX Chip Carrier it is a "ready‐to‐solder" communication solution and your easiest way to your own netX design.

Thanks to trendsetting netX 52 technology, netRAPID is well prepared for the latest requirements of all real‐time Ethernet systems. 

netRAPID allows you rapid and risk‐free prototyping as well as automated SMD mass production of your embedded design.

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