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Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III


Product features:

  • Host Microcontroller connected via SPI to the netX system on chip
  • One hardware for all industrial Ethernet systems 
  • Arduino™ Uno compatible pin out
  • netX firmware flash programming via USB

netSHIELD is an extension board for development and evaluation purposes providing Real-Time Ethernet (RTE) connectivity for Arduino-compatible host devices.

Due to its Arduino header footprint, the netSHIELD can be easily plugged onto your development/ evaluation board (i.e. the host device), enabling your application to communicate in industrial RTE networks like Sercos without any further hardware development efforts. 

The netX SoC on the netSHIELD thus serves as “companion chip” for the microcontroller (MCU) of your host device.

netSHIELD is equipped with the Hilscher netX 52 SoC (System on Chip) that features an ARM 966 CPU for protocol execution, coupled with a flexible communication controller subsystem (xC) for multiprotocol hardware access.

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