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Pluto gateway Sercos III

  • Slave
  • Safety

Categories: Infrastructure Components

Generation: III

Pluto gateway Sercos III

Product features:

  • Two-way communication
  • Compact enclosure
  • Fast response time
  • Fast startup
  • No need for extra cable or software

Gate-S3 is a compact and fast unit providing two-way communication between the Pluto safety bus, i.e. all the Pluto units connected to it, and the industry Ethernet protocol Sercos III.

The 22 mm wide unit is mounted on a DIN rail and can be connected anywhere on the Pluto safety bus. 

The same programming cable and programming software as the ones used for the Pluto are used for service and configuration of Gate-S3.

Ready-made function blocks are available for transmitting and receiving data and facilitate the programming. A non-safe PLC connected to the gateway can get global and local data from all the Pluto units connected to the Pluto safety bus and transmit a total of 16 bytes of data, i.e. 64 Boolean variables, or 8 registers or a combination of both. 

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