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Positioning drive with through hollow shaft

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Categories: Drives/Frequency Converter, Other Devices

Generation: III

Positioning drive with through hollow shaft

Product features:

  • Aluminium housing
  • Nominal torques 5 nm, 7 nm, 10 nm
  • Absolute multiturn encoder
  • 24 V DC supply voltage
  • Operating temperature range to +60 °C

Positioning drives with continuous hollow shaft permit the direct replacement of handwheels without mechanical modification of the spindle shaft. In this way the conversion of the manual drives to automatic positioning systems is significantly simplified.

The PowerDRIVE GEL 6113 has a hollow shaft with an inside diameter of 20 mm. With the aid of slotted double clamping rings, the dimension is reduced by up to 10 mm.

Optimize your plants using our PowerDRIVEs with integrated Sercos III interface or select our PowerDRIVE-System with Sercos module.

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