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Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)

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Categories: Drives/Frequency Converter

Generation: III

Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)

Product features:


  • Smooth performance
  • Highest level of dynamic response
  • Versatile

Servo Drives provide fully digital control over position, velocity or torque for synchronous, asynchronous, linear or torque  servo motors. Moog specializes in high performance Servo Drives with a wide selection of power sizes  that are flexible to work with a variety of machine designs.

Higher performance machines can mean a real advantage in productivity and profitability and Moog's Multi-Axis Servo Drive System is a key enabler in achieving this objective.  This integrated family of products provides the highest levels of dynamic response, smooth performance and application versatility.
This system includes both modular and single-axis servo drive options, a common shared power supply and a motion controller to coordinate the motion across multiple axes.

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