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Sercos EasySlave Evaluation Kit

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Categories: Hardware Components, Engineering/Training/Testing, Tools

Generation: III

Sercos EasySlave Evaluation Kit

Product features:

  • Target devices: Analog and digital I/Os, simple sensors and actuators
  • Real-time channel with up to 32 Byte output 32 Byte input data
  • Supported Sercos cycle times down to 31,25 μs
  • Synchronization of application with Sercos cycle
  • Support of Sercos hot-plug
  • S/IP services (nameplate, Identify, SetIp, etc.)
  • IP channel for ARP, Ping and firmware update via TFTP

The EasySlave evaluation kit is particularly suited for the quick start to Sercos III slave development. 

It comes with a development board based on a XILINX Spartan-6 FPGA including required equipment and documentation. The operation with the license-free IP core variant (EasySlave-IO) allows an easy realization of Sercos III slaves.  Download software, data sheet, design guide and reference schematic from www.sercos.org/downloads/easyslave/.

Read more about EasySlave with Arduino.


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