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Sercos III IP Cores

  • Master
  • Slave
  • Certified

Categories: Hardware Components

Generation: III

Sercos III IP Cores

Product features:

  • Available for various FPGA devices
  • Different licensing models are offered

Sercos International provides IP cores for Sercos III master as well as Sercos III slave controllers.

The IP Cores include all hardware functions, such as timing, synchronization and processing of cyclic and non-cyclic data on the basis of two integrated Ethernet MACs.

The IP Cores are available for various FPGA devices of the manufacturers Intel, Lattice and Xilinx. Different licensing models are offered, (runtime model and buyout). Members of Sercos International receive a special discount.

Detailed documentation on the IP core, reference designs and example Ethernet interface diagrams are available from Sercos International. Technical support and customer-specific design services are provided by Cannon-Automata (www.cannon-automata.com).  

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