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Sercos III Master - Master library (32 and 64 bit)

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Categories: Software Components

Generation: III

Sercos III Master - Master library (32 and 64 bit)

Product features:


  • Intelligent station management
  • Station real-time cycles up to 500 usec
  • Fixed and variable configuration
  • IDN management
  • Line or ring topology
  • High-/low level interface
  • Error management
  • Diagnostics
  • Profile management
  • Phase management

With the PC-based Sercos III Master for Windows and the X-Real-time engine, separate controller hardware is no longer required, as the master control is implemented directly from the PC with standard Ethernet adapters with sampling rates of less than 100 usec. Due to the extension of the Ethernet transport layer (Ethernet Realtime Core), far in excess of 70 standard Ethernet adapters are now supported. This enables a standard Ethernet card to be upgraded to the Sercos III Master. In this respect, the basis is provided by the Sybera Sercos III Real-time Master and the X-Real-time technology. The software can run on Windows and enables the control of Sercos III Slave participants in real-time.  Depending on the PC hardware and application, telegram update times of up to 500 μs can be realized.

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