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Sercos MultiSlave Emulator

The Sercos MultiSlave Emulator is a versatile, PC-based software tool that supports machinery and control manufacturers as well as system integrators.

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Categories: Engineering/Training/Testing, Tools

Generation: III

Sercos MultiSlave Emulator

It enables the emulation of a Sercos network with multiple slave devices for development and testing of various network configurations. The Sercos MultiSlave Emulator also supports control manufacturers and system integrators in their development and testing of different Sercos network configurations. The actual machine configurations at the customer’s facility can be reproduced in an in-house laboratory, in order to execute error detection and diagnosis – with a minimum of hardware effort.

This tool was developed at the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) in Stuttgart/ Germany and can be obtained via Sercos International e.V. (price on request).







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