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SmartWire-DT Sercos Gateway

  • Slave

Categories: Infrastructure Components

Generation: III

SmartWire-DT Sercos Gateway

Product features:

  • Transparent I/O data mapping of a SmartWire-DT strand into Sercos
  • Featuring full range of 99 SmartWire-DT stations per strand
  • Fast configuration button based SmartWire commissioning
  • Simplest Sercos Master commissioning via bus scan/SDDML file

The gateway links a SmartWire-DT network trunk to a Sercos network. As Sercos slave the device is mapping each SmartWire-DT station and its process data modularly in separate IO Function Groups. Hence 252 bytes of input and output process data can be exchanged. The data of up to 99 SWD possible devices itself is converted transparently between both networks.

The connected SWD trunk is being commissioned using the configuration button on the gateway's front. Pushing the button will read the actual SWD topology, configures the IO Function Groups and stores them as target configuration in the gateway.

The Sercos master on the other hand is commissioned using SDDML device description files. They allow the user to synchronize the target and the projected configuration in the Sercos master's engineering software. Also parameters of the SWD devices getting configurable and will be transmitted over the gateway to the devices during the Sercos network start phase.

Eaton's planning and ordering tool SWD-Assist may be used optionally. It helps to dimension the SmartWire-DT trunk and may execute further SWD diagnostics. SWD-Assist is not part of the gateways scope of delivery. It can be downloaded along with the SDDML files free of charge at www.hilscher.com as package or be ordered as DVD inclusive USB cable at cost price.

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