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JVL-Integrated MIS Stepper Motors

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Categories: Drives/Frequency Converter

Generation: III

JVL-Integrated MIS Stepper Motors

Product features:

  • Motors from NEMA17 to NEMA43
  • Supports all industrial Ethernet as from Sercos III
  • Multiturn absolute-value encoder optional
  • High IP protection up to IP67 possible
  • Reduces installation costs
  • With integrated minimal PLC
  • Genuine closed-loop operation

The MIS motor – the complete motion solution. Stepper motor with integrated controller and Sercos III interface. All required components in one compact unit.

JVL offers fully integrated stepper motors with Sercos III in the range of 0.15 to 25 Nm and in the sizes NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34, and NEMA43.

The basic idea behind the MIS motors is to reduce the installation costs but also to offer a drive that is better protected against electrical faults, as can arise due to the use of long cables between the controller and the motor. The stepper motor, Hall sensor, encoder, and the electronics were specially developed by JVL so that together they form a closed and compact unit - performance part, controller, motor, and interface in one housing.

All MIS motors are optionally available with a multiturn absolute-value encoder and support genuine closed-loop operation.

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