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vicosys – Multi Camera System

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Categories: Vertical Solution, Operate and monitor, Machine Vision

Generation: III

vicosys – Multi Camera System

Product features:

  • More robustly power-saving embedded PC to the profile rails or wall assembly
  • Direct communication with a Siemens SPS
  • USB 3.0 port for fast storage of inspection imagesE
  • Efficient image processing commands
  • Operating philosophy of the pictor® series and flexibility of an embedded solution

These multi camera systems feature the latest processor technology for rapid optical inspection, are highly flexible and user-friendly in operation.

They allow the connection of up to four FireWire cameras (IEEE1394a/b) or up to 16 GigE Vision cameras with different resolutions; monochrome, colour, thermal imaging, matrix and line scan cameras can be combined on a single device.

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