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Chinese robots specialist Siasun opts for a motion control solution from Schneider Electric

Shanghai-based Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd is one of the leading providers of industrial robot systems in China. To ensure that Siasun maintains its leading position in light of increasing international competition, the company is using innovative motion control technology from Schneider Electric in its new SRBD range of Delta robots.

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Candymaker combines, simplifies controls

Chocolates might not seem especially delicate, but that's only because human hands are still unappreciated miracles of material handling. However, even with a sophisticated packaging machine, such confections are marked up or deformed easily. To ensure gentle handling, machine builders often use delta-type robots because they can pick up products precisely without interrupting production.

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More flexibility in Machine Construction thanks to Industrial Ethernet

The dream of an intelligent factory is almost as old as industrial engineering itself. The higher the number of employees and workstations working in parallel for the production of a product, the more communication and control is required. What was once defined by a strict working cycle is now done by information channels constituting the nervous system of a company.

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Trends and challenges in industrial automation

Everything used to be very simple. The machines set the pace on the plant floor. Maintaining a perfect rhythm made the work more efficient. The rules are different in today’s state-of-the-art production environments. Fast reaction to change has become an additional success factor which contributes to high productivity during normal day-to-day operations. No matter how well you prepare, you cannot plan for every eventuality.

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Data traffic with high performance and tested reliability

Maximum efficiency is the goal of every machine manufacturer. Every project has to be judged in terms of how far it offers an optimum balance between results and costs. Therefore, new technologies are not adopted simply because they are new but because they improve efficiency without unnecessarily raising costs.

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How companies can master the conversion safely and systematically

One should love all things old, recommends Theodore Fontane in his book “Der Stechlin”, whereas the new has to be lived. This is generally easier said than done, however, since switching to a new technology involves numerous hurdles. Opportunities, risks and costs have to be weighed. And there is also an emotional component, as no one ever likes to say goodbye to something which they have gotten used to.

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