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    Gain sustainable competitive advantages by using Sercos, the automation bus

User opinion

From a drive bus to a universal bus with more than 4 million real-time nodes implemented in automated machinery: Sercos technology offers all benefits of a standardized, proven real-time Ethernet mechanism – saving resources while ensuring a high standard of user friendliness.

Dr. Thomas Bürger
CEO of Sercos International e.V.

Almost 10 years of positive experience with Sercos controls and drives is why we decided to use Sercos as the system bus in our machines and systems. Thanks to the real-time performance of Sercos for motion and I/O, as well as an option to easily integrate TCP/IP services, we expect that future developments will produce essential added-value for our production machines.

Eduard Ams
Manz AG, Division Manager R&D Basic Technology

The importance of safe bus systems continues to increase in industrial automation. The Sercos safety concept is an essential element of modern system design.

Klaus Kemp
TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH/ Project Manager Functional Safety/Software

For over 15 years, Sercos has fulfilled all our requirements:  its openness allows us to maintain full control over our technology. Proven functions and comprehensive diagnostic options are critical for our core business – providing high quality processing solutions to our global customers. Sercos is the basis for highly-efficient, easy-to-handle and failure-proof production systems.

Toshihiro Yonezu
JTEKT Corporation/Manager CNC Group

At 3S, there was never any doubt that we would implement Sercos  in our CoDeSys system. We have had very good experience with Sercos II. The excellent level of drive profile standardization allows us to operate devices from a variety of manufacturers without time consuming driver development or modification.

Manfred Werner
3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH/Managing Director

Machine manufacturers demand faster and faster, highly precise motion as throughput requirements increase. Operator safety requires more and more intelligent machine function awareness and control. The future demands ever greater energy efficiency. Sercos is at the forefront of meeting these demands with a level of reliability and flexibility that is unsurpassed.

Michael Binroth
President of GH Binroth Co.