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Completely developed products are tested in an accredited laboratory using a highly-detailed testing method and are awarded a corresponding test certificate after successfully passing the conformity test. For product families which have identical Sercos hardware and firmware, it is sufficient just to have one device certified. A certification for the other devices in the device family can then be requested on the basis of a manufacturer‘s declaration.

The conformity test for a Sercos slave is carried out automatically with the help of the Sercos Slave Conformizer, which can also be purchased by manufacturers to test that the product meets specifications during the development phase or to aid development when carrying out comprehensive quality control.

The conformity test for a Sercos master is carried out using a check-list which checks for the correct performance of the master functionality when interacting with different reference and test slaves.

Certification of safety-relevant mechanisms in CIP Safety on Sercos devices (originator or target) requires successful certification as a Sercos master or Sercos slave.

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