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Why Ethernet?

Ethernet enables a single network infrastructure for communication across all levels of the automation pyramid. The vertical integration of anything from sensors to accounting software opens up new possibilities for operational control. At the same time, modern Ethernet-based networks allow for greater flexibility when installing and expanding control topologies within the production chain when compared with conventional field buses.

Ethernet technology provides a tangible range of benefits:

  • recognized and future-proof technology
  • many times higher data throughput than field buses
  • no proprietary hardware required
  • use readily available standard components such as double shielded CAT5e copper cables, connectors and controllers
  • universal IT concepts with an integrated transmission medium and transmission protocol from the office to the field level
  • flexible and compatible automation systems because of international standards
  • can connect to global networks for diagnostics and maintenance

Ethernet technology combines peripheral, driver, safety and office communication in one common medium – simple, economical and efficient.

Consistent communication from the office to the field level with Ethernet
Ethernet Enables Communication from the Office to the Field Level