• Sercos technology:

    Proven, easy, fast, open


Installing a Sercos network is very easy and does not require any infrastructure components such as switches or hubs. All devices are connected directly to each other via patch or crossover cables. Fast Ethernet technology means that a 100m cable can be strung between two devices. The Ethernet ports on the devices are interchangeable and can even be used to connect standard Ethernet devices (e.g. notebooks) to a Sercos real-time network. This means that every Ethernet and IP protocol on Sercos devices can be accessed without interfering the Sercos network real-time process (online mode), and without needing the Sercos protocol to be activated (offline mode).

With Sercos, we can adjust the network very easily to our current machines and plant structure. The fact that switches and hubs are not required means that installation costs are reduced and cabling is made considerably easier.