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Standardized data

Controller and drive interoperability can only be guaranteed if – in addition to the standardized communication - the type of data being exchanged between control and drives is also standardized. Over 500 data blocks and motion control functions were specified by Sercos to ensure that products from different manufacturers work with each other. In addition to the real-time data to be exchanged during operation, the following parameters are specified: Communication settings, selection of operation mode, matching to different mechanical systems, matching to different measuring transducers and arrangements, matching command values and actual values to the controller. The addressing of data during the service data exchange and the definition of real-time data is done by means of so-called identification (ID) numbers. A numerical range of 216 is specified for ID numbers. The ID numbers 1 to 32767 are reserved for data specified by the Technical Working Group of Sercos. The ID numbers 32768 to 65535 are available to product manufacturers for defining data or parameters not covered by the standard but which are required for the operation of a product. A complete data block is always stored in the drive under the ID number of each data. The data block enables all addressable data, parameters and diagnostic signals to be displayed, input and saved via control terminals using a standardized software driver.

Excerpt from drive and control adaptation parameters
Drive and control adaptation parameters