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Ring redundancy and hot plugging

A network in a ring topology which is safe from interference is still operative when a cable breaks or when slaves are connected or disconnected (hot plugging) with no interruption. Because of the ring network structure, all devices remain connected to the master when a cable breaks. The Sercos connections on the slaves at the breakage point switch to two separate lines (line topology) with “loop back” without causing any delay. The reconfiguration time takes a maximum of 25μs so that at the very most the data transmitted from one cycle is lost. The breakage point can be precisely located and defective cables can be simply exchanged while the operation is running.

Since communication continues when there is a cable break, if necessary, new devices or groups of devices can be connected to the network while it is in operation, and can be integrated into the communication (so-called hot plugging or hot swapping). The system can merge seamlessly and without interference into the configured operation.


Ring redundancy and hot plugging
Ring Redundancy and Hot Plugging

A Sercos hardware failure or break in a cable does not result in a breakdown in communication. Instead, we are able to replace defective devices or cables while the system is in operation, which significantly increases machine availability.